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Negawatt (brownout) = Megawatt (electricity supply)

In 1989, American scientist Amory B. Lovins introduced term Negawatt. The explanation is as follows.

"Think of such a compact bulb, with 14 watts replacing 75, as a 61 negawatt power plant. By substituting 14 watts for 75 watts, you are sending 61 unused watts -- or negawatts -- back to Hydro, who can sell the electricity saved to someone else without having to make it all over again. It is much cheaper to save the electricity than to make it -- and not only in thermal stations. It is cheaper for society to use these bulbs than to operate a Hydro plant, even if building the dam were to cost nothing." (1)

The mean of Negawatt is cutting power use and it prevents power generation beyond necessity. Power Company reduces electric generation and transmission costs, consumer reduces electric power charge and furthermore it leads environmental protection.
Negawatt can be done in many ways. It is a famous case that Power Company conducted a project encouraging a region's brownout but installing an ecological installation on one's will is also Negawatt and installing it means setting up a small power plant in home and office.

PRO Pack is the energy saving installation with functions of demand control (forcibly suppressing electric consumption of air conditioner) and monitoring electric consumption flow. We recommend installing PRO Pack as a Negawatt tool.

(1) The Negawatt Revolution -- Solving the CO2 Problem -
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